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Love Your Pool Again.

Est. 2014

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You had a pool installed and things went well for awhile. Now, not so much. Poor water quality...unresponsive builder...questionable retail advice. You're spending thousands and have an unusable pool? 

How about this: Aqua Blue offers 100% guaranteed solutions to pool problems. Let's find a solution for you.

Finally, someone you can trust in the pool business. Imagine that.

Our Services:

  • Openings & Closings

  • Weekly Chemical Service

  • Equipment Repair & Replacement

  • Pool Filter Maintenance

  • Automatic Cover Service & Fabric Replacement

  • Troubleshooting & Consulting

  • Automation

  • Salt Chlorine Generation

  • Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)

Service is all we do; no building pools, no retail store. Keep scrolling to see how we do it.

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Clear Comfort Advanced Oxidation (AOP)

Pool water is "cleaned" though "oxidation". Turns out chlorine is a poor oxidizer. Click on the chart to the left. Which oxidizer is best?

Google "AOP" or "Hydroxyl Radicals". The true future of all water treatment, and our #1 choice for the safest, cleanest and clearest pool water, Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), has been used to treat community wastewater for some time now. AOP is the strongest oxidizer available to us in a usable format (we can't us fluorine, see chart again), working instantly, to oxidize virus, bacteria, and swimmer waste, DBP's, RWI's, chloromine, far faster than chlorine.

Clear Comfort AOP kills bacteria and virus, oxidizes swimmer waste that would otherwise create "chloramine" and "chlorine demand" problems and has no undesirable byproducts or chemical conflicts. Sadly, most of the "UV" and Ozone equipment installed on new pools is not AOP. But Clear Comfort is. Click on their logo to learn more.

Clear Comfort AOP is recommended for pool owners who wish to use the fewest chemicals possible, owners with sensitivity to chlorine and other chemicals, owners with heath concerns; and owners desiring the safest best looking water possible. With Clear Comfort we can use low amount of free chlorine to sanitize the pool, less even than is in your drinking water.


  • Operates on its own; literally nothing for you to do

  • Healthy water with less chlorine than tap water

  • Destroys: chloromine, combined chlorine, disinfection byproducts, sweat, urine, sunblock, cosmetics, bacteria, algae, virus, parasites instantly, on contact

  • Proven to instantly destroy Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI) like Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

  • Fresh, clear, drinking water quality pool water

  • Weirdly crystal-clear, sparkling water appearance

Customer Assurance:

  • Clear Comfort 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee & Clear Comfort 5 Year System Warranty

  • Aqua Blue 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Hayward AquaRite Chlorine Generators


Pool water has to be sanitary before we think about anything else. While chlorine is a poor oxidizer, it's the best sanitizer on the planet. Sanitization is what the chlorine is for, killing pathogens, virus, bacteria, Covid, things in the water that can make people (very) sick. We need just a few "parts per million" (PPM) of "free chlorine" (FC) to do it. There are several choices you have to sanitize the pool water, but elemental chlorine is the best way to do it, and that's what were making with a "Salt Water Chlorine Generator" (SWCG). That's just pure, real chlorine- the other options you see at the pool store are compounds of chlorine and have undesirable side effects. That's why your pool looked good for awhile, but now you're struggling and spending lots of money.

Aqua Blue has installed hundreds of Hayward AquaRite SWCG's in central Indiana,, if you want to see one working. No other option to sanitize your pool water compares. Every other option to sanitize your pool results in a "gotcha" - a "chemical conflict" that will catch up with you. A brief explanation follows:


Trichlor: adds Cyanuric Acid (these are the 3" tabs - very bad)

Dichlor: adds Cyanuric Acid (this is being sold as "shock" - very bad)

Calcium Hypochlorite: adds calcium (bad over time)

Sodium Hypochlorite: actually not too bad. But difficult to handle and feed

With a SWCG you generate your own pure and gentle form of chlorine. A quantity of salt (~3500 ppm) is added to the pool, and then passes though the cell you see to the left; that cell generates pure chlorine - no byproducts or chemical conflicts -  from the salt water passing though it to sanitize the pool water. Then, the used chlorine reverts back to salt and is used again.

Generating your own chlorine is the absolute best option. Google this option for yourself, or check out the Trouble Free Pools forum. If your current pool company is not discussing SWCG's its either out of ignorance or greed.



  • You make your own gentle and pure form of chlorine

  • No byproducts or chemical conflicts

  • No Cyanuric Acid (CYA is always the issue when we take over a pool)

  • No more handling chlorine tablets, no more pool store

  • Water feels good on your skin and eyes

  • It's easy to use, but we offer lifetime support anyway.

Customer Assurance:

  • Hayward 3-Year "Expert Line" Warranty

  • Aqua Blue 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Hayward DE Filtration

Click on the the chart below showing the performance of the three types of pool filters. Which one would you choose?

We like DE filtration because it filters down to three microns (best results available) and it's easier and less expensive to service than other options. Sized properly, DE filters many not need touched for the entire pool season. If there does seems to be a filtration issue, we can easily open the filter up and have a look.


The filter medium is DE powder, it's not those grids you see to the left. The powder sticks to those grids, and after awhile it is simply rinsed off and recoated with new powder, and off you go again, essentially a brand new filter each time, year after year.

Sand filters take days (weeks?) to clear pool water, and sand changes are expensive. We like cartridge filters, but the cartridges (think: coffee filter) need either cleaned or replaced often and are labor intensive and expensive.

DE filters might seem expensive to buy, but we can show you how over time its your cheapest option while also being the best option.


  • The filter powder "DE", does the filtering; when necessary, you rinse that powder off and reapply and start over as if the filter is brand new.

  • Filters down to 3 microns- that's the size of a blood cell or a virus.

  • Super clean, nearly invisible pool water.

  • All this and it turns out it's the cheapest filter to own.


Customer Assurance:

  • Hayward 3-Year "Expert Line" Warranty

  • Aqua Blue 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Orenda_logo_dark text_v2-1-1-1.png.webp

The Four Pillars:

  1. LSI & Calcium Management

  2. Organic Waste Management

  3. Phosphate Removal

  4. Minimal CYA

Orenda Weekly Water Treatment

Circulation, Filtration, Oxidation, Sanitation, Balance. Who knew you bought a science experiment.


These are great times we're living in. Turns out nearly everything we have been doing in this profession to treat pool water has been found to be wrong in the last few years. Enter Orenda:

Proactive pool care without chemical conflicts or harmful byproducts left behind. 

Think of all that stuff they have you pouring in to the pool, and how the water looks and smells - is that what you really want your kids in?

An Orenda pool is one you can happily let your kids and grandkids play in. It's a pool full of water that is managed proactively, without chemical conflicts, and without harmful long-term byproducts. Essentially, we want you to have the purest water possible with the fewest chemicals possible.

We run two levels of weekly chemical service, "Legacy" and "Orenda". We have an excellent record of taking over pools and then enjoying years of crystal clear water with no problems. When problems do arise, we can rely on our 10 year data base of pool water testing results to explain what is happening.


  • We are onsite (at least) once per week to test and adjust the pool water sanitation (Legacy Program) or the sanitation and balance (Orenda Program), and check all the pool equipment

  • We ensure the pool has it's proper circulation and filtration

  • We empty skimmer and pump baskets complimentary

  • We schedule maintenance on filters, salt cells, and other pool equipment

  • In most cases people tell us they spent less with us doing it all!

  • We supply all chemicals needed- you don't have to drive to a pool store, buy and store dangerous chemicals, test water, etc, and no chemicals left over.

One note: when we take over chemical service on a pool, there is usually some past errors that need to be corrected. Usually water needs diluted or replaced, filters need maintained. But from that point forward, we got your back. The CYA need to be 30 ppm or lower at the start of service.

Orenda isn't just for us, you can access all this information and training on their website and run their program yourself

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