The Benefits of DE Filtration

Pool owners around Indy aren't being exposed to the benefits of better pool filtration. Sand filters are the primary filter we see day in and out. From strictly a performance point of view sand filtration is the worst filtration we can offer you; it's just the cheapest we can offer you.

If you would like the best water clarity, purity, and cost effectiveness, then DE filtration is the way to go. And like most things are better, it's going to be more expensive. Let's explore why DE is best.


Filter effectiveness is measured in the filters' ability to remove smaller and smaller particles from the water, measured in "microns". Assuming the proper flow rate through the filter (bad assumption- and the topic of another blog), here is the best each type of pool filter can do:

Sand Filter: ~30 Microns

Cartridge Filter: ~12 Microns

DE Filter: ~3 Microns

Why Microns Matter:

For perspective, a grain of salt is 100 microns. We can "see" a single grain on salt, and all pool filters can remove it. Algae are 5-10 microns; so thats why sand filters don't clean up algae very well. Now, red blood cells are 8 microns, and so are some viruses- this starts becoming interesting to families concerned about water borne illness. If a filter is taking out everything 3 microns and larger, that's going to be some crazy clear, safe water.

Filter Maintenance:

Another great thing about DE filtration is the lack of attention they require. Assuming the filtration rate is correct and the water is chemically treated properly, once the DE filter is set up for the season, you don't have to touch it again until you close the pool for the season. In fact my friend's pool in Texas, where pools aren't winterized, has been running the same DE "filter run" for years will no maintenance to the filter.

How They Work:

The DE filter grids are "pre-coated" with DE powder; it's the powder that does the filtering. Pre-coat at opening and the "filter cake" will accumulate the debris from the pool water. Once the filter is full, you backwash or rinse the DE away and start again. Optimally, this done once per season.

The picture on the left is look at the inside of a DE filter doing it's job. This DE coating is relatively new, white and clean.

After you rinse away the dirt with the filter cake. you are left with a new filter, essentially the same as when you bought it. You re-coat the grids and you go again. there will never be a sand change, and cleaning a DE filter is much easier (and CHEAPER) than cleaning cartridges or buying new ones.


Here is why we like DE pool filters:

1. Unbelievably clear pool water: You will be amazed. The water seems invisible.

2. Unbelievably safe pool water: No other option filters out blood and virus cells.

3. Easy maintenance. You will generally forget about the pool equipment

4. Lowest cost of ownership over the long term.

After truly taking time to learn about pool filtration you would hesitate to buy anything but a DE filter.

Call Aqua Blue, and I'll come out to discuss filtration options with you. We fully support you with every piece of equipment you buy from us and offer 100% satisfaction.

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